5'th round

Byteball give away. Bitcoin made easy.

Deadline for giveaway

Fair initial distribution

98% of all bytes and blackbytes will be distributed to current Bitcoin holders who bother to prove their Bitcoin balances during at least one of distribution rounds. No investment is required, you need just to link your Bitcoin and Byteball addresses by signing a message with your Bitcoin address. Then the number of bytes and blackbytes you receive in each round will be proportional to the balance of your Bitcoin address in the snapshot block of that round.

At todays rate from bittrex, wallet holding one BTC will receive:

0.0071 btc

in Gbytes

Total balance linked:

168409 btc

*updated once every 12h

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What to do?

If you have wallet with ability to sign message, make sure you have bitcoins in that wallet. Next download byteball wallet by goin to:

download wallet
  • After creating wallet make sure you have light wallet as this will speed up whole process.

  • Start chatting with bot by clicking blue "..." and there will be option to provide bot with wallet. After initial contact bot will respond.

  • Now provide bitcoin wallet address to link with byteball wallet and once bot will reply that adress is good.

  • Now you have to sign message which will include byteball wallet.

  • sign message with trezor sign message with multibit
  • If whole process was succesfull bot will reply with amount of coins held in that bitcoin wallet and you will be able to see amount of shares on transition page:

  • check transition page

    Unsure about something?

    Feel free to email me with questions!


    bitcoin talk official thread

  • If you found this info helpfull donations are welcome to this wallet below.

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